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The Importance of Termite Control

Termites cause a great deal of damage to homes and commercial properties every year, especially in areas that have warmer climates, like Santa Cruz Termite control. Removal of these types of pests is far more expensive than the preventative maintenance, and you should always seek out professional services rather than trying to take care of the issue by yourself.

Why Termites Are Damaging

Termites naturally feed upon wood, this will include trees, homes, shelves, furniture, etc. and this is why the foundation of your home is a popular target. They do not discriminate in what they eat; termites are just going about their life finding great food sources. The amount of termites can grow quickly because they reproduce quickly, which means if you only see a few – there are going to be thousands within a short amount of time. By the time one generally notices termite damage, it is more than likely that the damage is irreversible.

Different Types of Termites

In just a short amount of time these termites can cause irreversible damage and depending on the specific breed of termite will determine what threat the termites pose. There are both dry-wood and subterranean termites. Dry-wood termites feast upon furniture and walls, while the subterranean termites are the ones the wreak havoc from underground, typically going undetected.

Knowing the Proper Treatment

This is why you turn to the professionals to handle your termite issues. They will easily be able to inspect your property and know which treatment is going to be most effective. While they will easily be able to discern which breed of termite is at hand, they will also have the proper experience and tools on hand to get started right away. In this type of situation, you are better off safe than sorry so it is always worth calling an exterminator when you move to a new property.

Types of Treatment

In the most severe of cases, generally the best way to rid your property of a termite problem is to fumigate. Typically, a tent will be placed over the entire home and an extremely powerful chemical will fumigate the area. This has proven to be the most effective and cost efficient way to handle a termite problem, and that is why it continues to be used to current day. Additionally, there are termite traps and posts that can implanted into the ground that release chemicals that will deter termites from getting close to the foundation of your home.

If you find that you are having some termite issues, or are concerned about the integrity of the foundation of your home, contact your local Santa Cruz termite control company immediately. It is easier to send an exterminator to the property to assess the damage and create a plan to prevent termite damage from now on into the future.

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