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How To Enjoy Your Garden (Even When The Weather Is Bad)

The UK is not known for its great weather. In fact, it is widely considered to be reliably poor. As a result, residential garden spaces tend to go unused throughout the winter months, with homeowners not wanting or not able to brave the rain and cold, which is a particular shame because, even in unaccommodating weather, gardens have the potential to be enjoyed all year round.

Considering the value that gardens now add to properties, a price that seems to be growing, it is a shame that such an investment is not able to fulfil its potential return. So, to begin seeing your garden as a destination, even when the weather is, you firstly need to consider certain designs. We have collected some of the most popular and inventive below, each one being an affordable and practical way to transform your garden.

Create Cover

Protecting yourself from the rain can be done in a number of ways. Awnings and canopies are relatively easy to install and are perfect for covering garden furniture and seating areas. However, on their own, they may not be enough to encourage you and your family to spend time outdoors, which is why they should be considered with extra features too.

High fences, besides their contribution to privacy, can also complement an awning by blocking harsh winds, while heat lamps can transform a dedicated recreational area into a warm and enjoyable place, perfect for relaxation even during winter.

Garden Buildings

To go one step further is to truly embrace luxury. Log cabins and summer houses are fantastic investments, not only for the benefits they can offer but also for their contribution to your property’s value. They are now more affordable than ever and have grown substantially in popularity. Plus, while they might conjure an image of a large shed, they are in fact far more decadent, with the potential for interior heating, electricity, and water.

Each garden building is a blank canvas and whether you want a closed-off and cosy room or an open-fronted relaxation space, they can be easily transformed to meet your imagined design. Some residents explore the potential of creating home cinemas and kitchen spaces, so as to entertain guests with extra entertainment and flair.

Utilise Nature

While man-made features can create a warm and protected garden space, so can nature. Trees and bushes can help to reduce harsh winds and rainfall, while also blocking out environmental noise and light pollution too. They may not make your garden space ideal for spending time outdoors but they can help to make worse days more manageable.

Additionally, while you may not want to be outdoors, wilded garden spaces, as well as vegetable patches, can support a useful garden space even during the colder months, offering homes to wildlife, such as hedgehogs and birds, or keeping your kitchen cupboard stocked with fresh potatoes. This also extends to an aesthetically pleasing garden design, one that can be enjoyed through your conservatory or window, even during the rain, because there are few things more relaxing than reading a book against the backdrop of pouring rain and bustling leaves.

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