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Seasonal Switch-Up: Updating Bidet Seat for a Fresh Look

As the seasons change and we spend more time indoors, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your bathroom with one of the latest bidet toilet seats. With advanced features like heated seats, adjustable water pressure, and antimicrobial materials, today’s bidet seats promote comfort and Hygiene. Swapping out your existing toilet seat for a fresh bidet seat can completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom.

Out With the Old, In With the New Bidet

Does your current toilet seat look outdated and worn? Or maybe you’ve never experienced the cleansing comforts of a bidet seat. Upgrading to a new bidet seat is an easy way to overhaul your bathroom’s aesthetic while gaining exceptional functionality.

With today’s modern design options, you can select a bidet seat that matches your bathroom’s colour scheme and decor style. Sleek, elongated seats like the Veil™ Quiet-Close™ model offer contemporary styling in your choice of colour to complement traditional or modern decors. Or go for an ultra-thin attachment like the PureWash™ M100 that discreetly mounts underneath your toilet seat.

Kohler’s SafeShield™ technology infuses silver ions and antimicrobial compounds directly into the bidet seat material to inhibit the growth of smell and stain-causing bacteria, yeast, mould, and mildew. Meanwhile, the C3™-230 luxury bidet seat allows you to program two custom user presets for your preferred temperatures, pressures, and other settings.

Outperforming Standard Toilet Seats

Standard toilet seats simply can’t match the comfort and Hygiene offered by today’s high-end bidet seats. By harnessing innovative features like warm water washing, heated seating, air drying, and deodorizing filters, electric bidet seats thoroughly cleanse and refresh your most sensitive areas after using the toilet.

Kohler’s C3™-230 bidet seat provides options like:

  • Heated seat with 5 temperature levels
  • Adjustable warm water temperature and pressure
  • Adjustable spray wand position
  • Air dryer with 3 temperature settings
  • Automatic air deodorizer

These settings allow you to fine-tune comfort features like seat warmth, water pressure, and drying based on current needs or environmental factors. Adjustments can be made directly on the bidet’s side-mounted control panel or wireless remote. With programmable user presets, couples and families can save their favourite arrangements.

Hygienic Luxuries

Today’s high-end bidets seamlessly merge advanced technology with luxurious comforts. Self-cleaning and sterilization capabilities keep bidet wands hygienic between uses without your input. Kohler’s C3™-230 bidet utilizes UV light to sanitize the spray wand after each use. Other seats, like the Quite-Close slim seat UF, utilize Kohler’s SafeShield™ technology with antimicrobial agents embedded directly into the bidet seat materials to prevent microbial growth automatically.

Features like LED nightlights, quiet-close lids, and heated seats turn your basic toilet into a spa-like sanctuary. The C3™-230 bidet seat offers ambient bowl illumination and a heated seat featuring five adjustable temperature settings. Quiet-close mechanisms prevent toilet lids and seats from noisily slamming shut. Quick-release functionality on bidet seats like the Presqu’ile™ Soft Close UF Seat allows you to detach the seat for simplified cleaning.

Matching Form and Function

The days of bulky, utilitarian bidet seats are over. Today’s models combine elegant aesthetics with cutting-edge functionality. Electric bidets like the ModernLife™ Edge Wh Seat sport high-end finishes and curves to complement modern bathroom spaces. Even lower-profile bidet attachments like the PureWash™ M100 mount discretely underneath standard toilet seats.

Elongated bidet seats follow the contours of existing elongated toilet bowls for a seamless look. Grip-tight bumpers and quick-attach hardware keep seats perfectly in place while preventing shifting or loosening over time. Integrated power cords and water lines tuck away out of sight. With shapes and sizes made to complement all toilet types, matching the style of your new bidet seat to your existing decor is simple.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Toilet Seat

Upgrading to a new bidet seat is one of the easiest ways to revitalize an outdated or mundane bathroom space. Here are some of the top reasons to swap out your existing toilet seat for an advanced bidet seat:

Enhance Comfort and Convenience

Bidet seats provide:

  • Warm water washing.
  • Heated seating.
  • Warm air drying.
  • Other comforts that standard toilets simply cannot match.

Promote Hygiene

Advanced sterilization systems, antimicrobial materials, and adjustable wash functions promote cleanliness and feminine Hygiene. Studies show that bidet seats reduce dependence on dry toilet paper and reduce irritation and infections.

Refresh Style

Sleek contemporary bidet seats and lower-profile attachments update the look of any toilet and bathroom. New aesthetic design choices blend with modern or classic decors.

Easy Installation

Electric bidet seats readily attach to any standard toilet in minutes without extra plumbing or renovation work. Thin attachments fit discreetly between toilets and existing seats.

Environmentally Friendly

Bidets conserve toilet paper waste and resources used in paper production. Less cleaning paper enters waterways and septic systems. Heated seat bidets use very little standby electricity.

Access Advanced Features

Today’s bidets offer customization settings, ambient lighting, automatic deodorizers, safety sensors, and other intelligent capabilities not found with basic toilet seats. Control settings conveniently via touchscreens or wireless remotes.

Take Your Toilet to the Next Level

Whether you prefer a sleek electric model or a streamlined non-electric attachment, upgrading your existing toilet with the comforts and style of an advanced bidet seat is simple. Electric bidet seats make upgrading easy by attaching directly to standard toilets without additional plumbing work. Most models include all the necessary hardware and components in one package. Within minutes, you can enjoy heated seating, warm water washing, air drying, and other luxurious perks.

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