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Ensure Potential Gains Of Higher Efficiency By Considering The Air Cooling Systems Features

Are you planning to replace or install a new central air conditioner? If so, you must be aware that the most important home improvement depends on this comfort. Especially, this is apparent during hot summer and humid days when central air conditioning matters a lot than any other amenities in life.

Air conditioning is an improvement that is expensive, but it pays if you do your homework properly and make a wise decision.  If you are less certain and are unable to decide whether to buy a central air conditioner or room air conditioners, you must consider going through the information of both.


A central air conditioning system comprises of an air handling unit featuring a blower, a condenser unit, an evaporator coil, ductwork system for exchanging the room warm air into chilled air. A condenser sits outdoors typically and the air handler is located in the garage, attic or some basement. The ductwork is routed through walls into the house.

 The air conditioner employs air cooling refrigeration technology so that air is cool. Thus, a heat pump is required essentially so that it can be reversed to heat a house during winters.

A/C cost & Sizing

Deciding a central AC unit is a must for your home and it is worth digging deeper for a unit size and knowing its warranty, energy efficiency, features and more.  You can check with gnrcorbus.com and consider the following:

  • Central air conditioner sizing
  • How much it will cost
  • Energy efficiency

Owing to the high cost of energy, the recent air conditioners are costly to operate, and their share of energy resources consumed is more. Thus, consider an air conditioner that has the ability to transform electricity into cooling in a cost-effective way. Thus, ensure maximum cooling by spending fewer bucks.

Replace indoor evaporator an outdoor condensing unit. Replacing the condensing unit alone means you lose the potential gains of efficiency.

Energy-Saving Features

Air conditioners may announce energy saving features, but it is best to look for:

  • Efficient heat transfer using large coils.
  • Thermal expansion valve and temperature rating more than 11.6.
  • Reduce consumption of electricity with a variable speed blower.
  • Ensure a fan-only switch, so that you can turn the cooling off, leaving the fan to run so that air circulates, and ensuring moderate cooling.
  • An indicator light for filer so that you can know when filters require changing and thus promote the efficiency besides maintenance.

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