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Property Maintenance Tips

The importance of regular property maintenance cannot be overstated. The list of jobs is endless, so here are a few tips on how to maintain your home. With the focus on prevention rather than repair, you are preserving your home in a cost-effective way.

Preserving wood

All timber surfaces, such as door and window frames, should have a coat of varnish applied, as they areconstantly exposed to the elements. After preparing the wood surface, several coats should be applied, leaving each coat to fully dry before applying the next. This process should be repeated every 3 – 5 years.

Pest Control

Rather than wait for destructive insects to invade your home, it is prudent to take preventative measures, so call in your local specialist, who will treat the building, which will keep your property pest free. The damage that a large colony of termites can cause means prevention is a good idea, so with regular visits, your home will be protected from insect damage.

home Maintenance Tips

Clean your drains

Regular cleaning will lessen the chance of a blockage, but if you do happen to experience blocked sewers in the eastern suburbs, call in the professionals for a fast efficient solution. Sometimes overlooked, sinks and baths are the entry points for foreign objects that can cause a blockage. Human hair, cooking oil, and waste food can build up in the u-bends, and this can be difficult to remove. Taking extra care with what actually goes down the sink can go a long way to keeping waste water pipes free of obstacles.

Smoke detection

All properties should have smoke detectors fitted in every room. These need to have the batteries replaced at regular intervals, as well as testing. These are critical because if a fire is discovered quickly, the damage will be minimal.

Air conditioning

A/C units work very hard in the summer months, so regular maintenance is necessary. The filters should be cleaned once a month, as they pick up dust and grass cuttings. A blocked filter will result in a loss of efficiency, and more electricity is used as the compressor struggles to keep the air intake constant. The protective screen over both exterior and interior air vents should be free from dirt and obstructions.

home Maintenance

Gutter maintenance

This is another overlooked task, leaves and small branches build up, and this hampers the water flow during heavy rain. If the guttering becomes blocked, the paintwork or rendering can be damaged, so regular cleaning makes for a smooth passage for rainwater to drain away.

Roof inspection

This should be carried out twice a year, as even one broken tile can result in considerable ceiling and floor damage within the building. If water seeps into the rafters, the damage could be extensive and require major repairs.

By spending a little time and money on building maintenance, you can avoid expensive repairs, and keep your property in good condition. These regular checks will ensure that your home runs efficiently and prevents major problems, which cost money.

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