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How To Prevent Moths

Colors, when we hear this word what comes to our mind? Butterflies can be one thing I say. But not every insect with wings is a beauty. They even have other members in their family. Moths and butterfly belong to same family Lepidoptera.

Moth can be easily distinguished from its hairy body and antennae. Most of them are brown or grey in color but some has a metallic touch aswell.Moths, as such do not have any significant impact on humans but their attraction towards wool, silk, fur and feathers can be a critical problem for our cloths. They mostly consume animal extract based fabrics. They sometime even consume sweaters, coats, blankets, carpets and decorative items.

Now you might be wondering, how these species enter in our house. Well they mostly come along with contaminated food or cloths. They mostly reside in dark corners of our homes where they can breed easily, especiallyin stores and basements. So it’s necessary to check your pantry carefully, each and every time you bring your supplies specially grains and nuts.

Moths are huge in numbers as compared to butterflies. There are nearly 20,000 species that are identified by scientists and suspects there may be more. Moths can be broadly classified as Hawkmoths, Gypsy moths, Cotton bollworm, Old world bollworm, African armyworm etc.

Well if your house is a victim of moth, then you may consider following points as a solution for getting rid of moths:-

  1. Vacuum cleaner: -Vacuum cleaner is the easiest way to take out these bugs out of your house. Vacuum cleaners easily fetch all the moths, their eggs, and even adult moths from deepest corner of your house.
  2. Ventilation:-Moths are attracted towards warm and humid temperature, so it becomes important to keep the doors open when your air conditioner is working and even make sure that your pantry is well ventilated.
  3. Seal Cracks:-Keep a check of all the cracks in the wall. Don’t let these bugs come in your house.
  4. Store food in air tight containers: Don’t let moths to reach your food easily. If possible try to keep it in tight containers.
  5. Throw away the infested food:If your food is already ‘bugged’ then believe me letting that food to the dustbin is the only solution.
  6. Call pest control professional: If the situation is really out of control, it’s time to call pest control. The charges for pest control generally varies between Rs700 to Rs.2300 and it will vary depending upon the size of your home.

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