Buying a Mattress? Read These Tips First!

A mattress is one of the most important purchases you can make. A good mattress can contribute to your health by helping you sleep and maintain good posture. A bad one can leave you restless, rigid and feeling cramped in your own bedroom. When shopping for a mattress online, consumers need to balance comfort, value, support, longevity and size.

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Buying a Mattress


The thing people want most from their mattress is comfort. While many people still favour a rock-hard bed; that is not always best for everybody. In general, the quality of mattresses being produced today is far greater than those of a decade or two ago, so even mid-range mattresses will be far more comfortable now than one from before. But if you are looking for more advanced features such as adjustable softness and “memory foam,” which conforms to your body shape, be prepared to pay a little more. Also be sure to test the mattress before buying it.


The trick with support is this: When you are lying down on a mattress, it should keep your spine in the same shape and at the same curvature as someone who is standing with good posture. As long as your mattress does this and bolsters your body at all points, you have sufficient support.

Buying a Mattress


In general, you should be able to get at least 10 years out of your mattress with the correct care, and if you’re lucky you will get far more. While there are fine inexpensive mattresses, the old adage rings true here; you get what you pay for. The mattresses that are made from the best materials last longer. These days you can also get mattresses that are “no flip” – meaning they will last just as long even if you don’t periodically flip them over.

Buying a Mattres


Mattresses are expensive, and the rule is this: The more padding and the more coils, the more you will pay. But that doesn’t mean the most expensive mattress will be the best for you. The best approach to value is to shop by comparison and try lying on everything. Don’t worry about brand names and models; they vary from store to store and can be confusing and distracting. If you can negotiate a good financing plan, such as low-interest or zero-percent interest; you may wish to spend a bit more than you normally would.

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