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Autumn Party Preparations

It is completely crazy to think that Autumn is only a few weeks away and it will be time to say goodbye to the Summer season once more. But as the days are getting colder and wetter, they are bringing us closer to cosy nights in having sophisticated dinner parties with our friends. For those who are as excited as I am, they will know that hand in hand with that comes the change in interior design themes for the autumnal period! Creating the perfect dining experience in your own home can prove tricky, however, here are some gorgeous ways to highlight the coming season’s interior design trends in your home.


It is best to choose rustic, shabby chic and vintage style dining furniture as they are the most suitable for autumnal themes. For example, having a battered oak dining table in the room will add a lot of austere and this will enable you to cosy it up with accessories like cushions and under the table rugs. You can even achieve this stripped bare look by just removing existing summer decorations in the room such as replacing flowers in a vase for pine cones and fake seasonal berries. Another cheap way to revamp the style of your furniture could be by reupholstering it for example, with a darker plaid pattern, then you could use these colours to restyle your dining rooms’ lamp shades, curtains and rugs. Lots of interior designers use this tip when they are trying to develop a theme within a room.


For a harvest themed dinner party, you can decorate your table in so many tasteful and inexpensive ways, simply by using things that can be found outside such as fallen leaves or at a local grocer. For example, pumpkins are one of the signature objects of the autumn season and are a great centrepiece to have on your dining table and to serve your food around! The colours of autumn can also play a big part in how you decorate for your dinner party; the warm hues of oranges, browns and golds are lovely colours to incorporate into the presentation of your dining table.

If you have a fireplace in your dining room, make sure that you pay attention to its appearance as well, you can do so much to decorate a fireplace in Autumn. The first step is to make sure that there is lots of firewood piled up around it because even if it isn’t an actual wood burning fire, it still adds a touch of warmth to how it looks. As well as firewood, you could hang a wreath over the mantelpiece; these are cheap to buy and even cheaper to decorate yourself!

Lighting can also have a dramatic effect on how the colours in a room look, an easy way to dim the lighting in your lamps and ceiling lights is simply by changing the bulbs for lower intensity ones. A chandelier style light hanging down in the middle of a dining table will also add dramatic effect if you are hosting a dinner party, another fabulous feature for your seasonal look.


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