The Reason There Is So Much Variation in the Cost of House Cleaning Services


House cleaning prices can vary drastically throughout the US. You will even see the prices changing as you go from one neighborhood to another in the same city. Hiring a cleaning service used to be as easy as searching for “cleaning services near me” and hiring the best-rated company near you. However, it’s important to understand why the prices vary. Let’s check out the factors that influence the cost of hiring house cleaning services:

The Reasons

  1. Size and location of your home – This is probably the greatest factor that decides the cost of house cleaning services. The cost of cleaning a small apartment in NYC may be substantially more than the cost of cleaning a sizable suburban home in a Washington suburbia. This cost difference is evident due to the living cost of a place and many other local economic factors. Housing will always be more expensive in cities and urban centers, especially if the city is New York. The same holds for labor and cleaning costs.

Size also matters. Your home’s square footage goes a long way to affect the cleaning cost. You’ll often find many cleaning companies quote you a price based on that factor. Your home’s square footage also lets a cleaning company decide on the cost of the first cleaning even if they haven’t seen your home before. An 800 square foot home requires less cleaning and will incur a lower cost than a 2000 square foot multi-story home.

  1. Services – The services you get in the house cleaning routine also affect the price. For instance, if you opt for basic cleaning, you’ll usually get services like vacuuming, tidying, dusting, cleaning kitchen fixtures, countertops, and the sink. It also includes cleaning bathroom fixtures including the tub and the toilet.

However, if you opt for more labor-intensive services, you may have to pay a premium. Cleaning companies will charge you more if you opt for mopping or scrubbing soiled floors, cleaning windows, deep cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, and cleaning appliances like the refrigerator.

Finally, certain services require the use of special equipment. Apart from being labor-intensive, these services also require specially trained and licensed staff and hence drive up the cleaning cost. Some of these services include carpet spotting or cleaning, granite countertop cleaning, and polishing, deep cleaning for move-in and move-out, power washing outdoor areas, and more.


  1. Fee and Contract Schedule – The fee structure of the cleaning company also comes into play when you sign up for their cleaning services. For instance, some companies charge a flat fee for a well-detailed list of defined services. Others will charge you by the hour. It also depends on whether you hire them for a single cleaning service or sign a long-term contract with them.

Companies also have mixed fee structures. Think of it like making a subway sandwich. They have a flat fee for certain defined services and an hourly rate or an extra premium for additional services. With so many variations in fee structures, it becomes very hard to make a quantitative comparison between two companies.

There are also contractual discounts you need to consider. For instance, most companies provide over 20% discount on each visit if you sign up for their bi-weekly or monthly cleaning service for a certain period.

That’s why it’s best to figure out what you want first. List all the cleaning services you need. After that, you can look up cleaning companies and call them for a free quote. It’s a bonus if they give you a free inspection. Even with complicated and varied price tiers, you would be able to make a clear comparison since you know what you’re paying for. After that, you can also negotiate with the cleaning company for better discounts.

  1. The uniqueness of your home – You shouldn’t be surprised if you get a higher or lower cleaning quote than your neighbor. Your home’s uniqueness and special characteristics also affect the cost of the cleaning service. For instance, the price would be higher if you have a century-old home that demands more care, attention and has lots of nooks and crannies.

Similarly, the size of your family also matters. A larger family would have more clutter and more dirt in their home. A cleaning company takes all such quirks into account before quoting you a price.

  1. Reputation of the cleaning company – Professionalism and reputation of the cleaning company also goes a long way to affect the cleaning cost. For instance, you may get a dirt-cheap quote from a certain company. However, you need to check up on their previous record and reputation. Have they done a proper and thorough job with their previous clients,

and will they deliver a satisfying service for your home?

Shady companies often jump hoops to quote you a lower price. For instance, companies that use third-party labor don’t do background checks or train their workers properly. This gets you a cheap price at the sacrifice of quality. They may also lack insurance to cover the cost of damages or injury if an accident occurs. That’s why you need to assess the companies very carefully before you hire one.

  1. Special requests – Homeowners often have a few extra or special requests for the cleaning crew. For instance, you may want pet hair to be removed from a few furniture pieces. That would cost you more money. Want the crew to organize your cluttered garage or attic? The cleaning company would do that and even use special solvents to get rid of oil, gasoline, and other greasy substances from the garage floor. However, that would cost you extra cash. These costs pile up and increase your overall cleaning cost.


From the size of your home to its location and from the service provided to your special needs. All those factors go into increasing or decreasing the cost of house cleaning services. That’s why it’s best to do your research before you search “cleaning services near me” to hire professionals.

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