Security CCTV: Part of Your Home Safety Plan

Not too many years ago, closed-circuit television (CCTV) was only used in special situations, sometimes for security, and sometimes to provide entertainment and information to a limited audience. The earliest systems used for monitoring and surveillance bore little resemblance to current CCTV technology.

home closed-circuit television

In fact, the first systems didn’t record information for long-term, later use. But advancements in tape-recording equipment allowed for recording and storage of large amounts of information. The maintenance requirements of these early systems kept them from being widely used.

CCTV and the Internet

The industry moved through the VCR period a few decades ago. Tape-recording was much easier, and required less work in changing tapes. This also made it much easier to file tapes and bring them out for review when needed.

The digital era of the past 20 years has helped video surveillance and security become a worldwide industry. The savings in money and time were enough to propel this field into use around the globe. In fact, the use of this technology is so widespread that it is difficult to think of a location, indoors or outdoors, that is not viewed by a security camera.

CCTV and the Internet

There is a good amount of interplay between digital CCTV technology and the technology that drives the Internet. In more recent years, smaller units, better digital technology, and a need for security have driven CCTV surveillance into the home market.

The cameras are used to monitor the home but come as part of overall alarm/monitor system. Some may be controlled and monitored remotely.

As mentioned earlier, CCTV cameras send a signal to a specific monitoring location, meaning that the images are available on a certain number of monitors. The technology is now widely used for security purposes, rather than for entertainment. This distinguishes CCTV from the familiar broadcast television and widely available cable and satellite television.

CCTV cameras send a signal

Security for the Home and Business

There are several sources for CCTV security systems. If you want to secure your home with security CCTV, you may want to look for a few key items. The company should not just sell you equipment and tell you to hope things work out.

A CCTV security professional should help analyse the property and indicate where cameras would best be placed. That same representative should come up with a compact and efficient system that includes an alarm system that works for the particular setting.

Keep in mind that homes and business properties differ greatly when it comes to security and surveillance needs. While working closely with a CCTV security professional, a property owner should ask questions and be ready to answer the expert’s questions, all with an affordable system in mind.

CCTV security professional

Of course, all of this is done with the hope that intrusion does not take place. But just knowing a professionally designed and installed CCTV security system is in place may be enough to give your family or business the peace of mind it deserves.

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