5 Ways to Turn Your Room from Good to Great with Proper Decor

Your room lacks that little something, but you are not certain what exactly the problem is. Going from “meh” to “wow” is not as complicated, as you most often think. Maybe you are one accessory away from the great design.

  1. The right rug

The rug has many applications and it works on multiple levels. It can tie up the room’s design, make the place more spacious or add texture. The proper flooring can help balance the décor’s colour scheme, give accent and unite various elements. If you have a colourful room, pick a rug in neutral shades. If the place is filled with smooth, shiny and sleek surfaces, consider getting carpeting with more texture. Don’t focus only on the design of the rug. Choosing the right fabric is essential. You don’t want spending time on carpet cleaning. Therefore you might use professional and reliable carpet cleaning service.

  1. The right plants

Plants are probably the only detail that can fit in any type of decor. Add up a little organic touch to your interior. The greenery can make the room more interesting. The plants will bring colour, without interrupting with the overall design tone. Plus, they will sufficiently improve the indoor air quality. The trick is that you need to pick greenery appropriate for your home environment. Consider important factor like penetration of sunlight, temperature and humidity. Think what type of plants will fit your lifestyle. If you have a busy routine, you can get low – maintenance plants.

  1. The right bedding

Your bedroom must express your personality and your bedding is an important part of your bedroom that can make a huge difference to how your bedroom looks. When you open up your brain to the multiple mixing and matching of designer flat sheet, you will get the enormous combinations with pillows, bedsheets, blankets, curtains and what not. You can try various combinations like bold pattern with the white pillow or white bed sheet with striped pillows.

  1. The right art

Avoid the mundane design and give character to your by incorporating art. Some of you might not feel adventurous and ready to risk with an extravagant piece. Art is not always bright colours and weird shapes. And no, it will not make your interior pompous. On the contrary, not getting enough art is common mistake in many homes. The trick is to use the right size. See how your piece looks compared to its surroundings. If the painting looks kind of lost on the wall, maybe it’s too small. Huge furniture can also make it visually smaller. Create a large scale art by combining different bits and pieces. Be sure they are complementary. Don’t go overboard with details that will only collect dust. Make your home cleaning easier and your design smoother by picking only things that will fit.

  1. The right light

Lamps might not be an obvious aspect to consider, but is surely makes a huge difference. We are not talking about posh pendants and chandeliers that can make the room look classy. Lighting is important because it affects the way you perceive the space. Warm and dim light creates cosy and inviting atmosphere. Be sure you are cleaning the fixtures regularly, because it can affect the flow of light.

  1. The right textiles

Textiles are like the glazing of your cupcakes. They can set a certain tone and give a finish look to the room. There is a variety of options including blankets, throw pillows or curtains. You want to imply certain style? These simple details will help achieve stunning results. Think about the purpose of the room. If you are decorating a living room, you want to encourage friendly and chatty atmosphere. Do it by placing some throw pillows here and there. Need contrast? Combine different textures and colour and you are done.


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