10 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Mover In Your Area!

Moving homes can be quite stressful to say the least. Home owners prefer hiring movers and packers for the job, instead of doing things on their own. After all, these are professional services and can take care of all the requirements and essentials, especially with regards to instructions given by the client. Here are 10 steps for hiring moving companies Oshawa.

  • Start by counting the goods and objects at your home. Make sure that you divide the products into fragile and non-fragile items.
  • Check with local companies that can handle both packaging and handling. Not all companies can deal with packaging and handling, so make sure that you hire a service that can deal with all the moving work.
  • If a company is offering packaging, ask them in detail about how they will handle the fragile items. This is very important for ensuring that the goods are safe.
  • To check the right company, start by checking their website. Check the different feedback and testimonials offered by other customers on their website. You can also choose to seek a few references for clients in your area.
  • Next, seek an estimate. Usually, companies will send their executives to check your goods, and based on the load and packing requirements, they will give an estimate. Make sure that the estimate is clear and inclusive of all additional costs and taxes.


  • While checking for Oshawa moving companies, you have to make sure that the concerned company is licensed and certified to take up the job. They should have insurance, especially for transit, so that damages can be covered.
  • Ask for a contract for the entire job, which should mention all details, including time for pickup, delivery and much more. Do not hesitate in asking questions with regards to any point you don’t understand.
  • Once you found the right service, make sure that you check their trucks and pay a visit to their office. There are many scam services around, which can be avoided with a simple check.
  • One of the other things to check is the overall capacity of the service. Ask them retails about their staff and how many clients they can handle at a given time.
  • Not to miss, check with the company in advance about their time requirements for packing. Make sure that you cooperate at best, as handling goods and labeling boxes can take time.

Start checking for options now!

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