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Wall Art Ideas that you Can Try at Home

Unleash the creative part in you by converting daily objects such as books, paint chips or discarded branches into art pieces. Sources like the Paper Mart blog provide you plenty of ideas on this. Or, what about trying your hand at some of our easy and fund DIY painting ideas?

Painting Swatches

After you collect different paint swatches from your home makeover, have them organized into groups by color. Try to conceptualize a general look or come up with a design based upon the scale, size, proportion and shape of the swatches. This creates a gradient effect by differentiating them by saturation levels and lining up the colors. To come up with a cohesive appearance, think about cutting swatches into the same shape through the use of craft scissors. Using double-sided tape, connect the swatches to poster board and add matting before you put it into a frame.

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Nail-Head Wording

Make graphic art for your wall space using brass tacks, nail heads and corrugated foam core. First, you need to decide on a name, message or a mix of words. Then, make use of a pencil for free-handing the message into the foam core. With the use of the traced letters as your guide, apply brass tacks or nail heads using a rubber mallet or hammer. After completion, put the foam core inside a complementary frame and then hang.

Open Books

To make the look of flying-open books, consider adding hot glue to various areas of back-to-back open pages. With this, the look of motion is created. After having the glue dried, group various books together and then attach them to the wall using drywall screws through the back of every book cover.

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Organic Branch Taxidermy

Come up with the look of taxidermy using all-natural materials. Get a wooden plaque and some crafting moss. Then look outside for a pair of branches that have the same size and shape. Cut back the branches through the use of pruning shears and attach these to the plaque with the use of cable or plumbing clips and screws. After completion, put a nail to your wall and then hang.

Collected Autographs

Those who love to entertain will like artwork made from the signatures of guests. Get a basic art canvas and use screws or nails for adding rim around the edges of the canvas as a frame. Look for a high-traffic are to hang the canvas in. Make sure there is a marker in place and ask guests to put their signatures to the canvas. Randomly placing signatures will lead to something graphic and personal that reads differently when distant.

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Distant Layered Paint

Although a lot of art shops provide paint supplies that texturize canvases, depth and texture can be made by layering paint. In order to layer paint that has a textural effect, consider applying the paint in random areas through the use of a paint knife, making sure there is thick layer. When dried, layer the paint continuously in various colors and spots on the canvas.

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