The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

Ductwork should be kept clean, well insulated, and appropriately maintenanced to ensure that it is in satisfactory working condition. If utility bills seem to be getting higher for no reason and without any significant change in use, it is a good idea to inspect air ducts and ensure that they are both clean and functioning properly. Defective ducts compromise the efficiency of the air circulatory system within a home, causing the system to expend more energy. There are many other signs indicative of the need to replace air ducts. Excessive noise coming from the heating and cooling systems may be a signal that there is an undersized duct system in place, or if heating and cooling equipment needs constant repairs.

Allergies may be aggravated due to the indoor air quality, which is reduced as it is being filtered through leaking and worn out ductwork. The system is sucking in air from the environment and circulating these agents within the home. This allows pollen, dust, and many other types of pollutants to enter the internal airflow.

Most experts advise that air duct systems begin deteriorating after a period of 10 years following construction. The ducts become old and worn out, and there could potentially be leaks within the system facilitating the escape of hot and cold airflow. Air duct leaks can also release water, which can seep through, damaging the ceiling and drywall causing it to rot, or even cause your ceiling to fall in. It can also damage the floors and furniture. Condensation in the air ducts, also called “sweating ducts,” can lead to all sorts of secondary problems, like persistent leaking from the ceiling and mold infestation. It is possible to have condensation within the ductwork without being aware of it.

Temperatures in Houston are some of the most humid in the country and the climate is officially classified as humid subtropical. Beaumont Enterprise ranks Houston the ninth most warm and moist temperate climates in the United States. It is especially important to be aware of Air duct replacement Houston as it concerns condensation.

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