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Some Garage Door Issues that You Have to Deal With

Garage door professionals have dealt with all problems you can think of in terms of repairing commercial and residential garage doors. But, each year there are still surprising situations they have to face. Although there are times when you have to call for help, a lot of issues just require knowing what is wrong so you can fix the issue on your own. To help you in troubleshooting your garage door problems, the following are some reasons why that door does not work.

Transmitter Batteries

A lot of people fail or forget to realize that the transmitter needs power in order to work. Sometimes, this can include the transmitter on the wall in the garage too. It is imperative to realize that when the battery goes in a place, it is likely to have run out in others at the same time as you may have installed them together.


The Photo Eye is Misaligned

The photo eyes are located in a side of the garage door. An invisible beam can be found between the two eyes that if broken, will prevent the closing of the door. When the door does not close, ensure the photo eyes are not dirty or misaligned.


Track is Out of Alignment

In case your track of your garage door is not aligned, it can mean a serious problem. The door runs on the metal track which must be aligned properly so the door can move. If there are gaps between the rail and rollers or bends in the rails, then you have an issue to deal with. The door’s weight can compound this problem over time until it will be risky to operate requiring you to call for help.

The Door Does not Go Up

A garage door can be quite heavy and the door opener is not the one that does the lifting. Instead, it is the door’s spring. Doors are made with a torsion spring or two. When either of these springs is broken, the opener is likely to struggle to lift the door’s weight or won’t open the door. When the spring is broken, you need a broken spring replacement professional to help deal with the issue.


Door Opens and Closes Randomly

When your garage door opens or closes at random times, this can be a bit disturbing. The transmitter must be checked first. Ensure they aren’t stuck under something which can depress the control mechanism. Also, consider testing the frequency of the transmitter. Your neighbor may have the same frequency as yours and tends to open their garage together with your own.


Door Tends to Go Down All the Way and then Opens Again

In this case, the culprit may be your garage door opener’s open and close limit settings. Such range tells the opener how far your door must move before being fully closed. When the settings are too high, the garage door will hit the ground before having the opener thinking it must and assume the garage door hits something in the path.

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