Raise the Bar: Kitchen Breakfast Bar Design Ideas for Contemporary Homes

A kitchen breakfast bar is an interior design element that plays numerous roles:

  • It adds functionality to the kitchen, with a nice neat space to utilize and separate the cooking areas from eating or entertainment areas;
  • It can “cover” your sink area so nobody can see your dirty dishes or cooking utensils;
  • It pulls the room together visually, transforming the kitchen into an urban-chic contemporary multifunctional space;
  • It works as a decorative element to design so you can introduce a new decorative style into the kitchen.

Not so long ago, we talked about improving your cooking area in a simple and efficient manner. Today we will take a look at raised kitchen breakfast bars and see how you can achieve neat, useful, and chic designs to satisfy all tastes and needs.

1. All White

A contemporary kitchen raised breakfast bar needs to look good and be 100% functional and easy to maintain. This is why one of the simplest ideas for such a project is to build the bar in white. You can use plywood or MDF in matte or polished white and white marble or granite for the countertop. It doesn’t matter what design style your kitchen already features, as white is easy to integrate into any type of space.

Such a simple light colored kitchen raised bar will also make the room look spacious and breathable. If you want to achieve a harmonious look, choose bar chairs that match the overall kitchen design.

2. All Industrial

A chic contemporary kitchen in an industrial design begs for a raised breakfast bar. If you don’t know how to design such a new and useful element you can get your inspiration from other industrial bars which are usually built in basements or large living rooms. Keep in mind that the industrial style features straight and neat lines, a lot of light and a lot of metal.

A modern industrial-style breakfast bar can feature chrome and leather bar stools, modern lighting to illuminate the area,glass, and stainless steel finishing. As industrial goes, other décor elements you can play with are exposed brick walls or exposed unfinished concrete walls, gray nuances, metallic hues and marble flooring and tiles.

3. All Rustic

If you have an already present rustic kitchen design, adding a raised rustic breakfast bar is the easiest thing in the world. You need wood – in the same color and texture you already have – and a matching countertop. Surely, you can also have a wooden countertop, but make sure it is water and heat resistant.

For a more rustic appearance, you can also decorate the rustic breakfast bar with kitchen accessories, small pots with scented cooking herbs, colored plates’ mats and so on. As rustic American classic goes, you will never go wrong with a Shaker style raised kitchen bar and Shaker cabinets for a gorgeous and fully functional kitchen space. Shaker style furniture is timeless and can be integrated into any urban chic apartment.

There are just a few ideas on how to build a raised kitchen bar for functionality, comfort, and style. However, even if things look simple and you can even turn this decoration plan into a DIY project, you still need to know how to avoid the main kitchen remodeling mistakes many people do.

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