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Outside Options: Design Choices to Make Exteriors Stand Out

With the new year underway, the weather in the coming months will change to warmer temperatures that will make people want to be outside – and that’s why it’s important to start planning now to consider potential tiling options that could make the exterior of a home truly stand out.

From dining areas to fire pits, and from pool edging to garden surrounds, tiles are available in a variety of materials, shapes, designs, and colors for whatever the home requires. Consider using porcelain, slate, travertine (a type of limestone) or other options for the perfect project. Each type of material has its own benefits and the right one will depend on what the designer wants.

For example, a simple but elegant look can be achieved with the use of porcelain tile in a neutral shade of gray. This color works wonders with many different hues, meaning that it’s a great versatile option for paving an outside seating or entertaining area as it’ll match with furniture of various colors. This kind of color scheme also works year round, whatever the weather.

Porcelain tile has other benefits in addition to being attractive, as it’s an incredibly strong material that is resistant to damage even in heavily used areas, making it ideal for outdoor spaces.

As an alternative to porcelain tile, some homeowners like to use slate for tiling their outside spaces. One interesting option is using square tiles of slate colored in various shades of red, gray, and green. This rustic appearance works wonders with outside dining tables and chairs, providing an inviting and colorful look that will have people eager to spend time socializing outside.

Travertine is yet another popular material for outside tiling, and it has many of the same benefits as porcelain and slate, as it’s also a sturdy substance that is suitable for exteriors.

An exciting design plan is to combine hardscaping – which are the man-made outside features like tiles and wall covers – with landscaping, which includes the natural greenery like grass and flowers. Lay large square travertine tiles colored with shades of brown and white on top of grass, with space in-between the tiles to let the grass stand out. This creates an amazing contrast between the inviting calm colors of the tiles and the vibrancy of the grass, perfect for a seating area or decorative feature.

Another warm color scheme is to use travertine tiles of similar size in shades of white, which can work perfectly as the edge around a swimming pool. This pairs well with houses that have exterior walls of similar colors, seamlessly connecting the interior with the exterior.

Yet another option for travertine tiles is to use pavers in a mix of different shapes and sizes, colored in dark shades of brown, in order to create an earthy yet attractive outside.

Whether it’s using any of the above materials or even other types, there is a huge range of options for creating the perfect outside area that will be the perfect complement to any home.

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