Looking At Fatherhood Initiative Programs

There are plenty of fathers who want to be better dads for their sons and daughters, but didn’t grow up in a family that had that type of a model to emulate and build their life around. Some found father figures elsewhere to help guide them whether uncles, teachers, family friends, or mentors, and some unfortunate men never found a father figure to learn from but still somehow managed to make their way through life but want better for their kids.

Fatherhood Initiative Programs1

The rise of fatherhood initiative programs are there to feed this increasing demand. These programs focus on having fathers spend time with their children, teaching them how much even the little things matter. They can find mentors in volunteers who have been great fathers or even foster parents, and there are both classes and one on one counseling to help adults out.

Fatherhood Initiative Programs2

Everyone has different backgrounds, different experiences, and different challenges in becoming the father that they want to be. These programs are a great way to help fathers and sons connect in forming a more solid family.

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