Keeping You Cool with Evaporative Coolers


SnowmanOkay, let’s be frank, the air conditioner and your evaporative coolers, both does the same thing. They cool you when you feel hot. Now, they are different in their mechanism, by understanding how they work, you can make the most out of the system, and therefore not waste energy.

How Does It Work?

When warm air is passed through water, and then lowering its temperature gives us the evaporative cooling system. To lower the temperature, the water is absorbed by the air in the process. These evaporative cooling procedure provides a large amount of naturally cooled air into your room, and therefore, there is no problem if you keep your windows and doors in the far corner of the room open. Instead, it will take in the hot air, and give you the cool air. Now, the catchy thing about this evaporative cooling procedure is, this is cheaper when you compare this with the split systems.

Air conditioning or refrigerated cooling which is great by the way, works in the same principle as that of a refrigerator, and therefore transfers cold air in place of warm air. Now, it’s the greatest comfort you can get, because it eliminates the humidity from your room, and gives in the dry cold air, which is what everybody wants in summer. But, then again, it has hefty costs associated with it, and consumes great power. An air conditioner gives cold dry air, preferably to air tight buildings, where the windows are sealed and shaded preferably.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Now, let us see some of the advantages and disadvantages of the evaporative coolers.


  • The primary advantage of an evaporative cooling system is the cost. When comparing it with its counterparts like split system, coolers functioning costs are much lesser than them. When you buy a new evaporative cooler, it costs much lesser than an air conditioner.
  • An evaporative cooler uses approximately 75% less power than any other cooling system like an air conditioner.
  • The evaporative cooler costs approximately 50% lesser than air conditioner
  • Today, some high end air conditioners need a higher voltage circuit, and therefore the traditional 240V wiring does not work in them. But the evaporative coolers, have no problems. They run on 240V, and therefore the traditional wiring is good for the usage of coolers.
  • Like the filter in air-conditioner, coolers have moist pads, which is great for purifying dusty air. Sometimes it traps dust and pollen.
  • Simple installation, and cools the warm air outside, and thereby recirculating the air.


  • In summer, when the temperature is very humid, the coolers are incapable of delivering comfort.
  • Evaporative cooling systems cannot deliver that much comfort as its cooling counter parts offer. It does not have control over temperature and comfort.
  • The evaporative cooling system need to have open doors and windows, to take in the warm air, and also the air from a cooler is not as clear as that of the Air conditioner.
  • The most irritating part of the cooler is it adds moisture to the air, and damps the entire house, which can cause wood furniture to swell after some time.

Evaporative cooler is great, but as far is comfort is concerned, split systems are more effective. But, if you are concerned about the cost, then Evaporative cooler should be your choice. Either way, give us a call at snowman heating and cooling, and we can sort that out for you.

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