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How to Keep Costs Down When Remodeling Your Kitchen

If you are like most people, you spend more time in the kitchen than almost any other room in the house. When it’s time to remodel your kitchen you want it to look stylish and modern, with all the appliances conveniently located. Costs for kitchen remodeling, however, can quickly add up. The following are five tips for keeping costs down when remodeling your kitchen.

Skip Customized Cabinets
Cabinets are a major part of almost any kitchen and can dramatically change the overall look. Customized cabinets can be extremely expensive. Choosing standard could possibly save you thousands in remodeling costs. Today there is a wide variety of standard cabinet colors, styles and sizes to choose from.

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Choose Open Shelving
Save even more money by eliminating a section of cabinets. Open shelving is not only inexpensive to put together but looks trendy and provides plenty of decorating options. Set your favorite dishes or best wine glasses on display on open shelves. You can even get creative and display other items such as vases or family photographs.

Go with Vinyl Flooring
Tile or wood are good choices for floors but vinyl and laminate will look similar and are much less expensive to purchase and install. Vinyl comes in low, medium and high gloss. This type of flooring won’t require you to maintain the grout and it is easy to keep clean.

Alternate Materials in Countertops
Granite looks gorgeous but can break almost any budget. One option is to use granite in a few locations in the kitchen and then cover the rest of the counters with stone, tile or laminate. Pick a section in the kitchen for the granite that everyone sees first, such as an island in the middle.

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Decorate the Windows
Windows are a focal point in almost any room. You can dramatically affect the look and personality of your kitchen with a few simple changes. Change the color of the curtains or go from curtains to blinds. Place a hanging plant near the window or create a tiny herb garden along the window sill.

These are just a few simple ideas from SEN Design Group that can add flair and style to your kitchen without breaking the bank. Finally, make sure to take the time when shopping to compare costs and find the best items for the lowest prices.

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