How gps server works and how could you protect your family without physical presence

In this continuously improved market global positioning system (GPS) plays a vital role in securing your vehicle and you family. It helps to locate your vehicle at any adverse situation. The main functionalities of GPS server are:

  • Receiving the data from GPS tracking unit
  • Store the data in database
  • Deliver this data as per user’s requirement

You can install the vehicle tracking software in the vehicle in two different ways: passive and active.


Passive tracking devices store GPS location, speediness and heading and some trigger events like a key on or off, door open or close etc. After reaching the vehicle to the predefined location, the device can be removed and download the data to a computer for further evaluation.


Same way active device also collect data and can be downloaded almost near real time to any cellular or satellite connected network for assessment.

This type of devices designed in such a way that user could access in a quite easy way.


  • You can monitor thousands of location on the same map
  • Interface is very user-friendly
  • You can track historically as well as real time
  • It is compatible with any smartphones
  • You will the reports easily
  • These are effective but low cost

Panic is not the solution! Family locator app helps to keep track on your kids while they are out of the house. Just you have to install the app in your phone sync with other members’ phone by adding profile, location and schedule text and email alert. You will be feeling secure about your family to know whereabouts. When all the information you are getting through this app, you can guide them to reach the appropriate destination or anything they are interested in. This continuous email alerting or message alerting system feels you safe anywhere you are.

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