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Five Ways to Keep the Mosquitoes Away From Your Property

If you are concerned about contracting an illness such as West Nile virus or malaria from mosquitoes, then it essential to clean the interior and exterior of your home to prevent an infestation from these insects.

One: Clean Your Home’s Rain Gutters

Mosquitoes land on pools of water to lay eggs, and if you have rain gutters that are filled with debris, then there are likely stagnant pools of water in the devices. You should climb a sturdy ladder to scrape away the leaves and trash that are inside the gutters before rinsing out the gutters with the water from a garden hose.

Two: Fix Your Home’s Rooftop

In addition to cleaning your home’s rain gutters, inspect the rooftop for places where water collects. If you have dips in your rooftop where there are pools of water, then mosquitoes will breed in those locations. Have your home’s roof repaired to reduce the population of these bloodsucking insects.

Three: Clean Your Home’s Lawns

Walk around your home’s lawns to determine if there is a collection of debris where there is stagnant water that is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. If your lawns are littered with old wading pools, sandboxes and tires, then you are going to have a lot of mosquitoes on your property. Haul these items away for disposal, or wash and store the items in a garage.

Four: Replace a Home’s Window Screens

If your home has old window screens, then there are probably holes where numerous mosquitoes can enter, and the best way to keep mosquitoes out of your home is by replacing the old window screens. When it rains, make sure to clean the moisture from a building’s windowsills to avoid having a female mosquito lay its larvae on the wet surface to avoid having several infant mosquitoes inside your home.

Five: Repair a Home’s Plumbing

When there are mosquitoes flying around inside your home, then there is likely moisture underneath the floors or inside the walls. If you have leaking pipes, then there are puddles in hidden spaces, creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Hire a plumber to perform a leak detection test to determine where there are leaking pipes to have the items repaired as quickly as possible.

Contact Mosquito Squad for More Information

Mosquito Squad offers insect-control services in Burlington, Chapel Hill and Durham, N.C., to help you prevent an infestation of mosquitoes. To become one of our satisfied customers, contact us today at 919-682-4050 or 336-891-6579 to learn more about safe barrier systems that are designed to prevent infestations of mosquitoes at residential properties.

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