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Did you know these Tips of Soundproofing your Apartment?

Sahil merrily took a flat on rent in Delhi a week back but later regretted on his decision for his neighbors turned out to be party animals. Even after telling his neighbors a plenty of times, when he could not find a solution, he adopted some amazing hacks for a peaceful sleep after a long and a tiring day at the office.

Want to know what he did? Well, Sahil used all the below-mentioned tips to make his place soundproof. Do give them a shot if you too are bugged by your neighbor’s party mood.

  1. Cut down the in-house Noise

It has been observed that mostly the noise that engulfs a house is due to the different set of appliances that we use. So, for cutting down the level of noise in the house, opt for appliances that make less of noise. Most of the manufacturers have come up with premium brands that encompass a low level of noise. Make sure that the appliances that are placed closer to your sleeping areas, particularly, are quiet. If there are appliances which exhibit an unusually loud noise, there are chances of the appliance not running properly, go for fixing it.

  1. Use sound-absorbing materials

The sound often travels from one room to another as it bounces off the hard surfaces. The sound surfaces, however, usually absorbs the sound. Therefore, go for materials such as foam and cotton on ceilings, doors, room dividers and walls that will aid in absorbing the sound and keeping the home noise free. You can even add upholstered furniture to your dwelling for blocking noise.

  1. Strategically use Furniture

An empty apartment is considered as a noisy one whereas filling up space will help in absorbing the sound. While filling up space in your rented apartment, you need to strategically play with the placement of the furniture. This is what exactly Sahil did. Sahil had a shared wall with his neighbors in his room for rent in Delhi. He placed items such as bookshelves, cabinets, almirahs, dressers, sofa and a big wall hanging to cut down the sound.

  1. Seal your door with weatherstrip

Usually, the sound doesn’t come right through the door, it comes from around the door. To give a seal to your door from all the noise, install weatherstrip on the doors that will act as a soundproofing material. For this purpose, you can use a high-density foam tape for the purpose of sealing the gaps present around the door. This sealing will block all the outside noises and keep your home quieter.

  1. Block the noise coming through windows

The single glass pane usually amplifies the noise level. If your landlord agrees to convert the single pane into a triple pane, go for that. Otherwise, hang heavy curtains and voluminous drapes in layered fabrics to seal the sound coming through the window.

These are the effective tips for remodeling your rented space into a quieter and happier one.

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