Choosing the Right Storage Facility to Keep and Secure your Belongings

You have probably sold your house; however, won’t be moving into your new house for some time. Obviously, you need a storage facility to house your items. So, how will you pick a storage facility which will match your current needs without costing a lot of money? The following are some pointers to pick a storage facility.

Be Specific on what you are Storing

You can find storage units in various designs and sizes. Thus, you will be able to find exactly the type of unit you need as long as you know what your needs are. Create a list of the items you wish to store in the unit. These can include automobiles, antiques or heirlooms, paperwork, appliances and furniture. Remember that essential paperwork is likely to need a climate-controlled storage unit while an automobile will need a strongly-secured facility.

Storage Facility

Decide if you Really Need a Climate-Controlled Unit

Storage spaces that are climate controlled keep the temperature within specific parameters. They are also made to control humidity. Depending upon where you will store your stuff, this may or may not be necessary. Family antique furniture could crack and split in dry climates. It could mold and mildew in humid environment. You can avoid these from taking place by using a climate control storage facility.

Pick your Size

Naturally, big storage units cost more every month. This is the reason you have to know the amount of space you will need. You do not want to pay for extra for a space you won’t be using. But, perhaps you plan to store more items someday. In this case, it can be reasonable to pay for a bigger storage unit.

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Another factor to take into account is the units’ actual design. A number of units are narrow; however, have plenty of vertical spaces. Other units are wider and have vertical spaces.

Think About Location

Storage facilities situated in the city center may cost more than those outside of town. You can save money by picking a storage facility further out of town if you do not regularly need to access your stuff. Figure out the number of items you are likely to visit the facility.

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Know that Costs Tend to Vary

A storage facility’s price can vary a bit even with the same features and in the same area. A lot of storage facilities are owned independently which means that their owners set their own prices. Thus, consider shopping around after you get an idea of what you want. Also, know that you pay for additional features such as security, climate control and ease of access which could vary by companies.

Verify Security

You surely do not want your belongings to be stolen. That is why many storage facilities provide security measures in order to protect their self storage units. But, not all storage facilities are as focused on security as others.  These measures include limited access, security fencing, video surveillance, special security locks and security guards.

Author Bio: Lee Preston owns a storage facility that offers self storage units. He promotes his products and services through his blogs and social media accounts.

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