5 Top Tips for Lighting Up Your Kitchen

There are many ways to tackle kitchen lighting. This is true whatever the style, shape or size of your kitchen. Here are just 5 top tips to prove as much which also look at 5 different types of kitchen lighting available in 2016.

  1. Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is not only fashionable and stylish; it is arguably the best means of furnishing a kitchen and / or kitchen diner with focussed task lighting. Pendant lighting can also be found and bought in many styles – to see a wide selection give the Oberoi Brothers website a visit. When placed over a kitchen island and / or kitchen dining table it creates both a focal feature within a kitchen and as well provides additional and ambient lighting which is ideal when preparing or sitting to eat a meal.

  1. Down Lighting

Down lighting describes any type of fitted or freestanding lighting which focuses the light given off by its bulb(s) downwards. The most cost effective and convenient way to utilise the benefits provided by down lighting within a kitchen and as such the most popular in 2016 is to invest in LEDs such as those sold via the Light 4 Fun website.

LEDs do not require an expert electrician to fit; hence, they are a quick, safe and practical means of adding down lighting to the undersides of your kitchen cabinets for example. This will then provide you with focussed and unobtrusive task lighting when using your counter tops. It could also save you on your electricity bill as LEDs whether battery operated or fitted are the most energy efficient means of lighting a specific area.

For more ideas how to incorporate down lighting into your kitchen and or kitchen diner, visit the Houzz website which features over 2,000 down lit kitchen designs and ideas to browse through.

  1. Drawer and Cabinet Task Lighting

A relatively new and modern means of furnishing a kitchen with focussed task lighting is to invest in drawer and cabinet lights. Drawer and cabinet task lighting is just like the lights sold via Lights 4 Fun which are battery operated and as such require no specialist skills to fit and are an example of simple LED technology. The difference between the LEDs used to provide countertop task lighting and drawer and cabinet lighting is that they have been specifically designed to allow people to light up the inside of their drawers and cabinets.

Drawer and cabinet lights better illuminate drawers and cabinets and do so from within to make finding what you need within a drawer or cabinet far easier to locate. Further, in cutlery drawers and drawers in which knives and sharp tools such as julienne peelers or pizza cutters might be kept drawer lights prevent the need to rummage about with your hands. Not only does this improve safety, but it also improves the standard of hygiene within a kitchen as you need only touch what you need to remove from a drawer when you can clearly see what is in there.

Drawer and cabinet lights also permit you to find what you need within a kitchen without wasting electricity or otherwise destroying the ambience created in a kitchen dining space when sitting down to eat or entertaining friends.

For more information about drawer and cabinet lighting, head over to the Apartment Therapy website.

  1. Splash Back Lighting

Splash back lighting is an alternative and ultra modern means of adding atmospheric lighting to a kitchen space. It is best suited to modern, minimalist and utilitarian style steel kitchens. Metallic and fuss-free industrial steel surfaces provide the perfect type of design with which to experiment with splash back lighting, which can be purchased and fitted in a number of colours and even with the option to change the colours of the lighting yourself to suit your mood or create a specific tone or ambience within a kitchen space when entertaining.

Whilst fun and trendy, splash back lighting is one of the lest practical uses of kitchen lighting, but is nonetheless popular amongst those who want to create an ultra modern and unique kitchen space in which to entertain because it does exactly that.

To learn more about splash back kitchen lighting, how it is fitted and what you can expect to pay for it, head over to the Creoglass website.

  1. Up Lighting

Up lighting is a fantastic and invisible addition to a kitchen which doubles as a kitchen dining space. This is because when sitting down for an evening meal it create soft, ambient lighting that suits both a traditional and modern designed kitchen spaces. Meanwhile, ceiling lights which are usually bright due to needing to fill a kitchen with light can prove too much and destroy an atmosphere.

Then, and even if you have pendant lighting installed over a dining area instead of or as well as a kitchen island, up lighting can supplement this and help to create a warm, soft and relaxed feel to a room which is Ideal for when a family are getting together to enjoy an evening meal and catch up.

To learn more about how to install cove up lighting into your kitchen and / or dining area you can do so over at the Family Handy Man website.


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