5 Benefits Of Electric Fireplaces

Fireplaces, chances are you thought you’d only see one of these in an old farm house or a cottage. You would’ve been correct up until a few years ago until the electric fireplace hit the market and gained traction fast.

“Why would I choose an electric fireplace over a real fireplace?” Is a question I get asked by my readers multiple times a week, my electric fireplace is without a doubt one of the best purchases I’ve made for my little home – here’s 5 reasons why…

Electric Fireplaces

No Cleaning Or Maintenance

The crackle of a real fireplace is great, don’t get me wrong – but the cleaning and maintenance that comes along with using and maintaining a real wood fireplace? That’s definitely not something you’ll miss when you move to an electric fireplace that’s for sure.

Besides the usual dusting off like any other piece of home décor you own the fireplace doesn’t require patching up, special cleaning products or anything of that nature!

Electric Fireplaces

They’re Portable

An electric fireplace doesn’t need any special chimney connections, cementing to the ground or anything that’ll turn it into a permanent feature.

It’s a matter of sit your electric fireplace on the floor or wall, plug it into a spare power outlet and there you go! One cord is all that’s required to power your electric fireplace – the beauty of this is that you can easily move your electric fireplace between rooms or even houses if you wish! Something that we could only dream of doing with a regular fireplace.

Adds Value To Your Home

House lacking character or furnishings to give it that bit more of an upmarket feel? No worries – install an electric fireplace!
A wall mounted electric fireplace such as the Touchstone Onyx will look right at home in any house, instantly giving it a luxurious feel and increasing the value of the property.

Electric Fireplaces

Offers A Surprisingly Generous Amount Of Heat

Nope, they’re not just for looks! There’s many, many models of electric fireplace out there and provided you select the best electric fireplace for your needs and room size you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much heat one of these bad boys can give off – a small $150 electric fireplace was able to provide enough heat to warm my entire 2 bedroom apartment a few years ago.

Whether you’re after a freestanding electric fireplace, an insert for your existing electric fireplace or a sleek looking wall mounted unit like the Touchstone Onyx I mentioned earlier there’s an electric fireplace that’ll suit your heating requirements.


Unless you’ve got shopping for them before you’d probably expect a real fireplace to be relatively cheap, I mean there’s not much to them while an electric fireplace would be expensive.

Electric Fireplaces

It’s surprisingly the other way around.

A proper wood fireplace isn’t cheap! Meanwhile you can pick yourself up one of the best electric fireplace unit for under $100, $200 or $300! Want the best of the best? The top of the range electric fireplaces are only a touch over $400 – a small price to pay to add value, warmth and a conversation starter to your home or apartment.

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