Roof Restoration Vs Reroofing: The Facts

If your roof has seen better days and you can no longer put it off until another day, you will likely have several options. Providing the joist and rafters are in good condition, you are faced with the choice of simply restoring the roof to its original condition, or a reroofing, which might be a better option. When thinking about roof replacement cost in Falkirk, you might be better off having a new set of roof tiles installed on top of the existing layer, which what reroofing involves.


Adding a new layer of roof tiles on top of the existing tiles is a very cost-effective way to have a new roof, and as the internal structure does not need replacing, labour costs are minimal. The extra weight could be an issue, which is why the roofing contractor would thoroughly inspect the timber framework, but if the joists and rafters are in good shape, they should be able to handle the extra weight. The roofer simply affixes a new set of timber batons, onto which the new tiles are fixed, and this also gives you another layer of insulation.

Roof Restoration

Restoring a roof involves replacing any defective components, which could take the form of the following:

  1. Missing or Broken Roof Tiles.
  2. Replacement of Fascia & Soffit Boards.
  3. Replacing and Damaged Joists or Rafters.
  4. Replacing the Plywood Membrane.
  5. Replacing Guttering and Downpipes.

Restoring a roof can be very costly, mainly due to the huge labour costs, and in many cases, a reroofing project is the best solution.







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