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Basin Styles for Bathroom Updates

One of the most important rooms to update when selling your home is the bathroom. Most buyers want to walk into a bright, airy bathroom that contains modern fixtures and includes a new bathtub and sink. When updating your bathroom, there are several shapes and types of basins from which to choose.

for Bathroom Updates

Types of Bathroom Basins

When selecting a new basin, you will notice that there are several types from which to choose. You can buy:

  • Inset basins
  • Wall basins
  • Vanity basins
  • Above counter basins
  • Semi-recessed basins
  • Free-standing basins

Bathroom Free-standing basins

Inset Basins

An inset basin sits in a vanity with part of the basin sitting below the bench top and part of it above. They can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, porcelain or ceramic basins.

Wall Basins

If you have a smaller bathroom, then you can install a wall basin to save space instead of having a vanity take up room. A wall basin mounts directly to the wall with brackets and you can use either a pedestal or shroud to conceal the plumbing for a finished look.

Bathroom Wall Basins

Vanity Basins

A vanity basin can fit into different types of consoles or counter sinks. You can select from a variety of materials, styles and finishes to help complement your bathroom décor. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can install either a single or double vanity so you can include one or two basins in your bathroom.

Vanity basins come in different styles, including:

  • Self-rimming basins
  • Above counter basins
  • Under counter basins
  • Inset basins
  • Semi-recessed basins

The type of vanity basin you select will depend on the style of your bathroom and how modern you want it to be. Most people select self-rimming basins, which are installed into the vanity and fit flush on the surface of the vanity. Above counter and under counter basins are becoming more popular, however, because they offer a fresher, more modern appearance to your bathroom.

Above Counter Basins

An above counter basin sits on top of the surface of a vanity, so you see the entire basin. They can be made from a variety of materials, including ceramic, glass or copper. An above counter basin can give your bathroom a unique appearance, depending on the material, colour and style that you purchase.

Above Counter Basins

Semi-recessed Basins

A semi-recessed basin can be set into a vanity top with half of it sitting on top of the counter and half of it below it. You can choose a vanity to hide the bottom of the basin and allow for a storage room or you can choose a stand to show off your modern, semi-recessed basin.

Free-standing Basins

These basins stand on their own or they may be mounted to the floor to keep them in place. The basin can be built as one piece within the stand or they may sit on a stand made from brass or stainless steel.

Bathroom Free-standing basins

Depending on your decorating style, there are many types and styles of basins to choose from when renovating your bathroom.

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